Where the money goes

Over the last 20 years, the appeal has raised over £2 million. Our aim was to fund a dedicated breast unit in Hertfordshire, which we achieved in 2006 with the opening of the Vicki Adkin’s Unit at the QE11 Hospital in Welwyn Garden City. When the old QE11 building was pulled down in 2015, the service and all the equipment purchased by the appeal, was moved to the new QE11. Over the years and with advances in technology, we have been able to replace and update some of the equipment which has helped ensure patients in Hertfordshire continue to receive the best possible breast cancer care.

The East & North Herts N.H.S trust diagnose 400 new patients each year and holds weekly, one-stop clinics Monday , Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

The appeal is now raising funds to support a new Radiotherapy Unit for Hertfordshire. This is a huge project, so your support is needed now more than ever!

Machinery and equipment purchased for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer by the appeal

  • Limo Filling Equipment
  • Faxitron Digital specimen Radiography system with Camera and trolley
  • Offcom paging system
  • Blood pressure machine and monitor
  • X2 Medical Tattooing Devices
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Headlight system with stand
  • x2 Selenia Full Field Digital Mammography systems
  • Lorad upright Digital Stereotactic Unit
  • Mammotone machine
  • x 2 viewing screens with trolleys for the breast care team multidiscipline meetings
  • Faxitron Core Digital Machine
  • Prone Table
  • Microsurgery instrument for teaching
  • Audio conference system
  • Tango chair for radiology
  • Medical Record Trolley

The appeal has also purchased furniture, gowns and even a dishwasher for the tea bar to ensure patients and their families are as comfortable as possible during their visits to the unit. The appeal also provides appointment cards for patients, social support group leaflets, lymphoedema awareness cards and alert risk bracelets for surgery.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped raise funds or made a donation to our appeal. Every little helps and it has made such a difference for the men and women in Hertfordshire who are affected by this disease.

Together we have achieved one of the best equipped breast care services in the country and we continue to raise funds to buy the best equipment to help diagnose breast cancer as early as possible.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us for more information

Thank You