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Presenting the Limo Filling Equipment – 2021

The Limo Filling Equipment will be used to perform lipofilling in order to improve cosmetic results after breast cancer surgery. Lipofilling is the technique where fat is taken with liposuction from another part of the body and then injected into the breasts.  It is a vital part of improvement of the breast shape especially when radiotherapy causes the breast to shrink and tightens the scar.

Limo Fillling Equiptment

The Virgin London Marathon – 28th April 2018

Lois and Tim took part in the Virgin London Marathon and raised a staggering £3000 which was split equally between ourselves and another charity. Tim completed the course in 3 hours 34 mins and Lois in 4 hours 11 mins. A huge congratulations to them both for such an amazing achievement and of course, heart felt thanks for their support.

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Comedy Show – December 2018

Alistair Barrie delivered an evening of comedy at Hertford Theatre with help from a host of famous comedians including Jo Brand. The event took place on December 12th 2018 raised a staggering £1o,735.35 for our appeal.

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The Prone Table – October 2018

The prone table machine cost £150,000 and is a mammographic X-ray system which delivers exceptional image quality, accurate targeting and precise, efficient operation. More

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Faxitron Machine – June 2018

Presenting the Faxitron machine.

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The Wilde Charity Ball – December 2017

Ricky and Mandy Wilde host The Wilde Winter Ball at Knebworth House. All proceeds go towards the Hertfordshire Breast Unit appeal.

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Mill Green Golf Day – January 2016

The ladies of Mill Green Golf Club held a charity golf day to raise funds for Hertfordshire Breast Unit Appeal and raised a wonderful £4,805.77

Mill Green Golf Day

The Ladies of Mill Green Golf Club present Vicki Adkins a cheque for £4,805.77

Barclays Bank Easter Raffle

Barclays Bank in Cuffley raised a £548 with a raffle to win this giant Easter Egg.

Barclay's Babk Easter Raffle

Workers at Barclays Bank in Cuffley with the lucky winner

14 Bridges of London – 2008

Margaret Fuller came up with the idea of walking 14 London Bridges. The event raised a staggering £8,890.

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Vicki Adkins collects MBE – June 2007

Vicki was awarded her MBE for services to breast care in Hertfordshire in June 2007.

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